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About Morning Crate

About Morning Crate

As the name suggests, “Morning Crate” aims to provide farm fresh natural products right to your door-step every morning. We are here to bring back the pure and natural taste of products like in good old days, to more and more households.

Our journey started in 2016, with supplying one of the most consumed product of every Indian household – Milk, direct to our consumer’s home. The positive response and the customer’s trust made us grow our product portfolio to include more & more products. Over time, we have built a team of people with rich knowledge experience of sourcing, technology, logistics and customer service. It is because of our team’s daily effort and our customer’s trust in us, which is pushing us to give them better and more each day.

Hope we are able to make your every morning start great with
Morning Crate!

Our Products

Cow Milk - 75/Lt.

Coming from the finest cows at our farms directly to your home, will give you the taste of purity and freshness in every sip of our Cow milk.

A2 Milk - 95/Lt.

Gently drawn from our Desi Gir and Sahiwal cows, our A2 Cow Milk has ample of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which is super-beneficial for your health.

Paneer - 430/Kg.

Soft & delicious chunks of goodness, Morning Crate Paneer, made from our farm-fresh milk, is delivered to your doorstep in a unique nature loving jute packaging.

Kullad Dahi - 60/400 Gm.

Made with our fresh buffalo milk in a traditional Mitti Kullad, our Kullad Dahi is sure to give the unique taste of Dahi that you can relish till its last bite.

Buffalo Milk - 85/Lt.

Full of protein and healthy fat, our farm-fresh Buffalo milk’s thick creamy taste will make your day.

Cow Ghee - 1090/Lt.

Made from our farm’s cow milk by traditional butter-churning method, Morning Crate Cow Ghee has a subtle golden texture and taste that you will cherish for life.

Buffalo Ghee - 1090/Lt.

Morning Crate Buffalo Ghee is super-nutritious and healthier ghee, made from pure buffalo A2 milk by using traditional butter-churning method.

Classic Buttermilk - 30/500 Ml.

Morning Crate Buttermilk, our super healthy nutritious drink infused with tiny chunks of butter, is sure to taste like heaven.

Mustard Oil - 499/Lt.

Morning Crate Mustard Oil is premium Kachi Ghani pure mustard oil, extracted from high-quality mustard seeds through traditional cold-pressing method.

Why Morning Crate?

Pure & Natural Products

Our products are free from any adulteration or artificial growth hormones.

Direct from Farm-To-Home

We do not have any middle-man in between us and the farmers just to serve your family with the freshest-farm produce!

Eco-friendly Packaging

We aim to deliver products in packaging which is environment-friendly!

No Additives or Preservatives

We do not add any preservatives in our products to increase their shelf-life

Hassle-free Order Management

We are coming up with our Mobile Application to provide you the best customer experience!

24-hour Delivery

Get products delivered at your doorstep within 24 hrs!

Witness the Experience

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Choose from a wide variety of dairy and grocery products ready to be delivered to your home

User-friendly Interface

User friendly interface designed to give our customers the best experience

Pay with ease

Top-up your wallet using your preferred payment method and pay for your orders hassle-free!

Manage subscriptions

Pause, resume or cancel your active subscriptions anytime as per your convenience

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Happy Customers, Happy Us

Fantastic Taste!

Natural & fresh with great taste. Thanks to Morning Crate, I have started having daily milk again.

Sangeeta Rai


Super-Satisfied with Ghee!

We have been having Morning Crate Cow Milk since years now. My mother never trusted any market brand for ghee but during the tough days in Covid times, we had to get Morning Crate Cow Ghee since my mother wasn't in the condition to make ghee at home. To our surprise, Morning Crate Cow Ghee tasted just like what we had always liked. Thank you Morning Crate team for giving us the most natural products.

Harish Sharma


Excellent Product Quality!

The quality of dairy products that they deliver is just amazing. Super fresh and creamy! I’ve forgotten other ways to buy milk for my daily needs and totally rely on Morning Crate.

Anandita Choudhary


Founder Story

Every startup starts with an idea and a dream. Our founder’s love for food and his dream of doing something big, gave him a direction to step into being an entrepreneur in the FMCG industry.

Talking about his personal eating habits, he had always been very particular about the food quality and taste which always pushed him to pick the best from the farms for his home and his family. He felt what he could bring for his family, could be brought for many others around him. This is how his milk-brand, Bovino came into existence in 2016 as there were very limited options for affordable, un-adultered milk in urban areas. Since then he worked hard with a single vision of providing the best produce from the farm to his customers at the most reasonable cost.

The positive response and the increasing demand from our milk-only-Brand customers pushed us to bring more products from our trusted farms for our people. What started out as Bovino, a Milk-only-Brand, in 2016, went on to become Morning Crate, a Farm-to-Home FMCG Brand, in 2022. Our customers are attached to their favourite Morning Crate products and expect a certain taste when they go for Morning Crate products.

With the wind behind us, our founder is very positive about the prospects of taking Morning Crate to heights!

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Mayank Gupta
Founder, Morning Crate